About me

I’m Gerard McGarry. This site is a return of sorts to old school blogging. The kind that got killed by micropublishing and the rise of platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It’s a place for me to throw thoughts out into the universe and spark conversations with people who have similar interests.

I’m passionate about technology, social media and digital transformation. I’ve been involved in projects to digitise processes and mobile enable workforces. I can also be incredibly geeky about apps and little-known features that can improve our lives in small but significant ways.

Outside of technology, I’m into running, gym work and now yoga (which is absolutely incredible).

I’m also on a mission to challenge myself in new and unexpected ways. Last year, I took part in a Strictly Come Dancing event in aid of Cancer Focus (and ultimately won!). For anything else, feel free to stalk me on Twitter, Instagram or Google+. Not really. Nobody uses Google+anymore…

Gerard McGarry Written by:

Liberal, humanist type. Optimist. Lover of life. Tryer of new things.