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Gerard McGarry Gym SelfieDid I ever tell you about the time I spent a freezing winter morning on a beach in West Sussex dressed as a traffic warden? No? Well, it’s one of the many insane stories from my time running Unreality TV, the UK’s biggest reality TV blog.

Okay, here comes the biography bit: I’m Gerard McGarry. I co-founded Unreality TV in 2005 and left my career in IT management to concentrate full-time on the site in 2008. I helped the site to grow using content strategy and SEO skills learned over years of creating websites for other people. At one point, Unreality TV was the 10th largest entertainment website in the UK. Not bad for a scrappy little startup from Crumlin!

My role with the site has ranged from writing content – news and reviews of TV and music – to interviewing celebrities and attending red carpet events and premieres. Glamorous, I know. But I also manage the technical aspects of the site, from making sure the architecture can handle large spikes in traffic to overseeing the recent responsive redesign of the site. I also liaise with advertisers and ensure the site is reaching its earning potential at all times.

In my previous career, I was an IT manager for two prestigious Belfast companies. Both roles involved overseeing the day to day management of IT systems, so as you can imagine my IT skills are top-notch! I was also responsible for overseeing various mission critical projects – from implementing brand new time & billing software (and designing the internal processes for staff) to large scale server migrations and compliance projects, I would deliver a high-quality solution every time.

Currently, I’m looking for new opportunities to sink my teeth into. My skillset bridges IT management and digital media. I love talking about digital strategy and hearing about the next new innovation that will change our lives. I’d love to be involved in a creative team making a product that makes a difference in people’s lives. If you want to talk about opportunities, message me on the contact form below.

What, you want more?

When I’m not slavishly staring at a laptop screen, I’m a husband and father of three adorable, funny kids. And when I’m not doing that, I love nothing more than running, working out in circuit classes and climbing mountains.

And when I’m not doing that, I play bass with a bunch of good friends in a band called Rev-T. Music is a big part of my life, although some people refuse to accept 80s Hair Metal as music. (I do listen to other genres, but that’s my favourite!)

All in all, I believe in living a fun-packed, positive life and I love connecting with people on the web and chatting about television, music and movies. If you’re into the same things I am, hit me up on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, or contact me using the form below.

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