How to disable Facebook's video autoplay on iPhone and Android

Facebook logo squareFacebook introduced their long-awaited video autoplay feature a few months ago, and apparently it’s been wreaking havoc with mobile data plans ever since. Autoplay is switched on by default, so when a video appears in your feed and you pause momentarily on it, the video will start to play.

Here’s the kicker: It’ll do this regardless of whether you’re on 3G or connected to wi-fi.

The fact is, if you’re downloading lots of video content over 3G, you’re going to very quickly hit the limit of your data plan. If you’re on a contract, you most likely won’t discover this until you get your next bill. Let me predict your next thought: how do I switch this autoplay feature off?

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1 quick trick to use Spotify with the Nike+ or Runkeeper running apps


No matter how good you think your music collection is, it’ll never be Spotify good. They estimate that they have a collection of over 20 million songs…and growing every day. That’s a hell of a lot of tunes.

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Stop your MacBook from sleeping with the Caffeinate command

A frequent bugbear with OS X on my MacBook Pro is that the screen will dim and then sleep if I leave it unattended for any length of time. That’s a nuisance because I can be running FTP operations or SSH sessions that I need to keep active and OS X will just go to sleep in the middle of them.
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How to take a screenshot on a Nexus

Felt Android MascotI’ve recently given in to temptation and bought myself a Google Nexus 7. Having come from a predominantly Apple/IOS background, I was bursting to try out an alternative mobile operating system. Especially one which seems to actively outperforming Apple’s product.

I won’t go into a feature for feature comparison right here. Suffice to say, when I wrote my guide to setting up an alarm clock on the Nexus, I suddenly realised I had no idea how to take a screenshot on the device!

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Android: How to set an alarm clock on your Nexus device

Google Nexus LogoIf, like me, you’re just starting to get into Android through Google’s fantastic Nexus products, you’ll probably have spent some time looking for the alarm clock functionality. Trust me, it’s well hidden! I initially went looking through the Nexus settings, but had no luck. Guess what? Once you discover where to look, setting up multiple alarms on the Nexus is actually a doddle. Let me talk you through it! These instructions should hold steady on any Nexus device, though I’m using a Nexus 7 with Android 4.3.

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