So long, Rugby Road

Hey there, reader. Let me tell you a story about a leafy, bumpy road in South Belfast that I’ve come to call home.

When I moved to Rugby Road in June 2016, it was just two months shy of my 40th birthday. A milestone birthday, and yet it was eclipsed by possibly the most turbulent period of my life. A 20-year relationship had ended and I had chosen to return to the Queens area where I’d first landed in the 90s.

It’s absolutely staggering to think I moved here less than two years ago. Memory won’t do justice to the chaos that was brewing at the time – moving out of the family home, striking out on a new career, fending for myself but needing to maintain a relationship with my children and trying to navigate tempestuous new relationships.

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Why I'm Openly Secular

Openly Secular logo

Atheists. We get a bad rap. People assume we’re angry all the time. That we’re immoral. That we…um…worship Satan*. And we crash kids birthday parties and burst all the balloons. Just because we can.

The reality is, atheists are regular people. We go to work. We raise families. We listen to music. We participate in society. We just don’t believe in gods.

Why I became an atheist

I don’t remember the exact day that God stopped existing for me.

What I do know is that I was raised as Catholic in the height of Northern Ireland’s ‘troubles’. Growing up in the Glens Of Antrim, we didn’t just have religion. We had some world-class folklore and superstition too. Giants and leprechauns and banshees and Jesus. And I loved it all.

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5 reasons you should join a fitness class

Insanity 600If you’re one of those people who struggles to establish a fitness routine, joining a class might get you on the right track. Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, or you’re a gym veteran, joining a fitness class can bring you some major benefits.

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Larne Half Marathon 2013: Highs and lows

Larne Half Marathon finisher's medal 2013

After damn near destroying my knee running in the Ealing Half Marathon last September, my fitness levels were gradually returning to form. I’ve been dabbling with Insanity recently, building up my running distances and then a sign appeared. Literally. As we were driving through Larne a few weeks back.

Lisa turned to me and said “The Larne half-marathon is on the 8th June. You should go in for it.”

“Huh? The Larne half was in March.” Apparently not. The unexpected cold snap and snow that had virtually cut off parts of the North Coast meant that the race had been postponed. Excellent! I’d wanted to do this run since last year and now here was a second chance!

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New Year: What does 2013 have in store?

Ganesh 2013

There are some folks who believe that January 1st is “just another day”. What’s the big deal? It’s the day after December 31st.

I don’t. I think New Year’s Day is kind of a day for reflection. Looking back on 2012, it’s not a year I can especially rave about. For every high point there’s been a disappointment or something underwhelming.

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