1 quick trick to use Spotify with the Nike+ or Runkeeper running apps


No matter how good you think your music collection is, it’ll never be Spotify good. They estimate that they have a collection of over 20 million songs…and growing every day. That’s a hell of a lot of tunes.

Which brings me to the next question any smart runner will ask: how can I listen to Spotify when I’m running?

To begin with, you’ll have to sign up for the Spotify premium service. At a tenner a month for virtually unlimited music, that’s a bargain. But the key thing is that the premium service allows you to listen to music offline on your iPhone.

Next up, set up some offline playlists on your phone. (Basically, create a playlist in Spotify and click the Available Offline slider. The app will sync all the tunes to your phone.)

This next bit isn’t ideal, but…

Okay, I wish I could tell you there was a cleaner way to do this, but neither Nike+ or Runkeeper have integrated Spotify functionality into their apps yet (and it doesn’t look likely in the future). The dirty workaround is for you to start your Spotify playlist playing first, then flip to your preferred running app and start your workout session.

Warning: you need to make sure your running app has no music selected, otherwise you’ll have two sets of playlists playing simultaneously. And unless you’re a rabid death metal junkie, nobody wants that noise being pumped into their eardrums.

If you’re a tiny bit OCD like me, you’ll be a little bit uncomfortable with this solution, but unfortunately it’s the only workaround right now. I think it’s more of an iOS problem (they don’t allow third party apps to talk to one another – as far as I understand it), so it would be unfair to say it’s a limitation with either Spotify, Runkeeper or Nike+.

If you’re a runner, drop me a comment below and let me know what apps/music combinations you’re currently using.

One thought on “1 quick trick to use Spotify with the Nike+ or Runkeeper running apps

  1. sherry s

    First of all…I love Spotify. However, I use Runkeeper and have been having problems. I always start Spotify first but then Runkeeper doesn’t talk to me. It shows my finish time, but then is not in the log….ughhhhhh. any other suggestions.

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