5 reasons you should join a fitness class

Insanity 600If you’re one of those people who struggles to establish a fitness routine, joining a class might get you on the right track. Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, or you’re a gym veteran, joining a fitness class can bring you some major benefits.

Over the past few months I’ve experimented with a variety of classes, from circuit sessions to Tabata right up to the plyometric craziness of Insanity. Here are some of the biggest reasons to join a class and watch your fitness levels go through the roof:

1) Build exercise into your routine: If you’re struggling to turn working out into a habit, joining a class puts a regular date in your diary. Sign up for a weekly or twice-weekly session and turn up every single time. Workout time becomes that 1 hour in the day that you dedicate to improving yourself. Here’s how to start building good habits.

2) Learn proper form – reduce injuries: Having an instructor to hand is far better than going it alone. If your form is poor, they’ll let you know how to fix that – which means you’ll have less chance of injuries, and you’ll get the most out of each workout.

3) Nurture your competitive side: Training alongside other people is a powerful motivator – if you’re feeling like you want to give up, being in the midst of a group will compel you to keep going. In any exercise class, there are three types of people: the ones you’re fitter than, the ones who are close to your level of fitness and the ones you aspire to be as fit as. If you find yourself at the bottom rung of that ladder, don’t despair – that only means that your progress will be more pronounced! Just get competitive and keep at it!

4) Meet other fitness-minded people: Are you expecting to be the only wheezing chubbo in the middle of a bunch of lithe-bodied Insanity pros? Most people in your class will be just like you – regular people who want to get fit. Don’t be intimidated. You and your new workout buddies will see each other at your absolute worst in order to look and feel your best. Fact.

5) Push yourself harder than you would alone: We’ve talked about how your competitive side will kick in, but joining a class means someone else sets the agenda and it’ll push you out of your comfort zone – which is exactly what need to do if you want to improve. If you’re with the right class, you’ll be pushing your body with greater intensity.

Bonus tip: take notes

Sometime’s it’s not possible to get to class, or you’ll feel like doing a little solo training. I like to mix workout classes with running on alternate days or even doing a bodyweight exercise session in my backyard.

Attending a class can give you some great ideas for building your own workouts. After a good circuits class, take a note of the various exercises you did so that you can cobble together a quick workout session anytime the mood takes you.

Happy exercising 🙂

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