Mac tip: How to remove a mis-typed autocomplete entry from Google Chrome

Chrome with a mis-spelled autocorrect entry

Here’s an annoying thing that Google Chrome does: if you type in a URL that contains a spelling mistake, it will actually hold on to that entry and present it as an autocomplete suggestion the next time you start typing in that address.

In the screenshot above, I’ve typed in a web address incorrectly. What I’m actually looking for is Unfortunately, the next time I start to type ‘interw…’, the incorrect version of the address will pop up. And the more you accidentally hit the incorrect version, the more more Chrome will continue to present this entry.

You need to delete it. But how?

It’s actually quite easy – one simple keyboard combination should wipe this nuisance autocomplete entry from your life forever – or until the next time you type the address incorrectly! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. In Chrome, start typing the incorrect web address until it shows up in the address bar.
  2. Use your arrow keys to select the entry from the drop-down list.
  3. Press fnshift and the backspace (delete) key simultaneously. The  entry should disappear from the list. Test this by trying to type the address again – this time the incorrect entry should be gone completely.

And that’s it. I’ve tested this in OS X Mountain Lion and Mavericks and it works pretty well. Let me know if it helps you out.

Windows users

I’m told that the equivalent keyboard combination – if you’re on Windows – is to simply press shift and delete.

14 thoughts on “Mac tip: How to remove a mis-typed autocomplete entry from Google Chrome

  1. AA

    have seen this answer elsewhere, seems to work for some, but not for me on a mac mini with wireless keyboard, 10.9.1
    Delete (fn+backspace) seems to work as intended in other contexts, eg. in this text box, but shift+fn+backspace won’t remove items from the chrome autocomplete

  2. Josh Johnston

    It seems to remove the items from the autocomplete but the next time I open a new tab and type again it still presents the same items

  3. fn is for laptops. What if I’m using a regular mac pro desktop with the full keyboard and TWO delete keys? I tried both delete keys (forward delete and the one next to the +) with shift and they only delete one letter at a time, not the whole entry. Any ideas?

  4. steve

    Nope doesn’t work on my Macbook Pro. It works with URLs with the page icon alongside but not with stars.

    I’ve also deleted the browsing history to see if that made a difference but some sites like Facebook still appear in autocomplete.

  5. Nahum

    This actually caused the clear data pop-up to appear with “Autofill Form Data” ticked for “The beginning of time” selected.

  6. Dave Coble

    Caveat: This won’t work if you’re trying to remove a bookmarked url–recognizable in my version of chrome for mac (Version 43.0.2357.81 64-bit) by the star symbol to the left of the url in the dropdown list. If it’s bookmarked, it won’t be deleted when you press fn+shift+delete. You have to delete the bookmark first.

    Took me about half an hour to figure this out. I wish the OP had mentioned.

    1. Dave, props for sharing this on the page – I do most of my bookmarking with Delicious, so it honestly never occurred that someone would have a mis-spelled Chrome bookmark! Can’t account for every usage case, I guess! But thanks again for sharing the solution to this!

  7. Monica

    I am confounded. I’m running Mavericks (10.9.5) and it will not work no matter what I do. So frustrating. It’s rare that Windoze works better than Apple but in this case, Apple has definitely made it really annoying to do what should be a simple command. Urgh. Still trying…

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