Page Up and Page Down keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X

Apple MacBook ProHere’s a quick tip for anybody migrating to a MacBook from a Windows machine. If you’re used to navigating documents and web pages by keyboard command, you’ll know that the Pg Up, Pg Down, Home and End buttons don’t exist on a standard Mac keyboard.

So what are the alternatives? Here are four keyboard shortcuts that’ll get you up and running in no time! Basically, you use the “fn” key (bottom left of your keyboard) and the arrow keys on the bottom right. Here are the combinations to use:

  • Page Up: fn+up arrow
  • Page Down: fn+down arrow
  • Home/Top: fn+left arrow
  • End/Bottom: fb+right arrow

Alternatively, you can use the two-fingered mousepad gesture to scroll up and down the screen. This is pretty quick, but often doesn’t give you the same precise level of control that a keyboard combination can.

Are there any other useful Mac keyboard shortcuts that you could recommend to other users? Let us know in the comments!

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