Beachbody Insanity, Day 4: Cardio Recovery

A lightning fast update on yesterday’s Day 4 of Insanity. Day 4 is Cardio Recovery, which is a calmer, shorter session that doesn’t leave you dripping like a leaky hose on a hot summer’s day.

Instead, the moves are more about stretching and toning to allow you to recover from the previous two days of craziness. And to prepare you for Day 5’s dreaded Pure Cardio routine, which is 40 minutes of non-stop cardio designed to sweat the living daylights out of you. Drink lots of water!

Though it’s not as physically draining as the previous days exercise, Cardio Recovery isn’t without its challenges. One is endurance: there are a few moves, slow squats and pulses that require you to hold a pose until your muscles are fatigued, then pulse to work them a little harder. I actually found this painful to hold and had to cut these short a couple of times. I’m hoping that my stamina for this will improve over the next couple of weeks.

The other discipline is balance – there are a lot of moves that involve tabletop positions and standing on one leg. And doing glute pulses while balancing on your toes.I thought my balance was pretty good, but this was an eye-opener that it could always use improvement.

Aftermath: It’s the morning of Day 5 right now. My muscles aren’t as sore as they were yesterday, but I’ve got a worrying twinge in my back. As a result, I’m going to leave today’s workout until this afternoon to give myself a shot at recovering.Also, has anybody else who’s tried Insanity found themselves needing more sleep than usual? I’m completely knackered this week and sleeping in more than usual. Might need to go to bed earlier if this is the effect!

Catch you later for the Pure Cardio update!

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