Beachbody Insanity, Day 1: The Fit Test

Insanity team

You probably already know what Insanity is. And no, not the glib definition involving straitjackets and sedation (which incidentally, sounds like a regular week night in my bedroom). Insanity is a 60-day intense workout programme fronted by a guy called Shaun T. Probably because having more than one letter in your surname is inefficient. I’ve already started calling him Shaunty.

Why Insanity?

I’m doing Insanity because I need a focused workout series to:

  1. Lose a few more kilos to bring me down to my goal of 75kg. Starting weight today was 78.9kg.
  2. Tone up and finally achieve the definition in my abs that I’ve been shooting for.
  3. Challenge myself to reach a new level of fitness.

Insanity Pack ShotPlus, after a running injury stopped me from running long distances, I need a way to maintain my fitness while I recover. So, 60 days of Insanity seems like the right solution. Yeah, plus I’m a vain shit and I want to look good when I go on holiday this summer.

Fit Test Results – Day 1

Okay, so the first day of the Insanity workout begins with a fitness test. This involves a good warm-up, then eight routines lasting one minute each. For each routine, you try to do as many repetitions as possible within the sixty seconds and then you write your results down during a recovery minute. Here’s how I did:

  1. Switch kicks: 80
  2. Power knees: 40
  3. Power knees: 62
  4. Power jumps: 18
  5. Globe jumps: 7
  6. Suicide jumps: 19
  7. Push-up jacks: 21
  8. Low Plank Oblique: 47

Points where I felt great: Plank-based moves are a favourite of mine, so I felt like I got a good score on the Suicide Jumps (which is a more testosterone-driven name for what Jillian Michaels calls Burpies) and the Low Plank Oblique was quite good too.

Points where I felt utterly pathetic: I’ve heard that some fitness instructors taking Insanity for the first time have struggled with it. That’s reassuring! The Globe Jumps have an incredible knack for sapping your strength. Plus, we have a light-shade in our room that I kept clashing with. Annoying. I also struggled with the power jumps – they’re exhausting, and it’s difficult to get your form right on them.

Overall impression: Day 1

I might have been a bit gung-ho going in, expecting this to be reasonably tough but do-able. But Insanity required a lot more effort than I’ve been used to giving recently, so there’s definitely a challenge in there to push harder and get better results.

The warm-ups and cool downs were fine, sensible parts of the workout for preparing your body for the tougher workout in the middle. It worked up a good sweat though. Something I found strange was that though the power jumps and globe jumps sapped my strength, the recovery between routines was enough to allow me to finish the later exercises quite strong. I’m sure tomorrow will be less forgiving…

The complete series:

  1. Day 1 (this post)
  2. Day 2: Plyometric Cardio
  3. Day 3: Cardio Power & Resistance
  4. Day 4: Cardio Recovery
  5. Day 5: Pure Cardio

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