This is my first ever “year in review” post. Not that other years haven’t had their notable moments, but 2011 has seen a number of incredible changes for me. After a couple of fraught years where things have been up in the air, I feel like I’ve got a renewed focus and energy. And despite 2011 being marked by massive changes, it feels like those changes are just the beginning.

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Drupal 7 image

Oh, hello! If you’re reading this, it’s the first entry I’ve posted to my blog since upgrading the site to Drupal 7!

A major version upgrade like this isn’t something to be taken lightly. I’ve had to drop certain modules along the way and make a full backup of my site’s database and files. There’s a certain kind of anxiety one experiences when doing a major version Drupal upgrade, so I thought I would share my upgrade process with others. Other Drupal users are invited to share their experience and tips on upgrading at the end of the post!

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