Dunluce Castle at Sunset

Silhouette of Dunluce Castle at Sunset

A photo of Dunluce Castle and the coastline beyond at sunset on 1st November 2011. I’ve been wanting for years to capture this iconic image (the ‘concept’ of the castle at nightfall – not my actual picture – I’m not that conceited) and I finally managed it at the end of a wonderful day trip with the children.

There seemed to be a lot of amateur photographers taking shots of Dunluce from the roadside, but from my perspective, that angle didn’t give the contrast against the skyline that I was looking for. So, Jake (my 8 year old) and I hopped the wall and waded into a very mucky field to get the shot I wanted.

And I’m glad I did. I just wish I was a better photographer, because I’m sure I could have captured a far more dramatic image if I actually knew what I was doing! Still, it was worth the muddy boots – and the fact that Jake and I got chased out of the field by five curious cows!

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