The Awesome Unreality TV Pumpkin!

Halloween: Unreality TV themed pumpkin

For the first year ever, we’ve had a crack at creating an Unreality TV themed pumpkin! I had to simply the logo somewhat to make this work, but was able to carve it with bat’s wings and vampire teeth and remarkably…nothing fell apart!

I left some of the pumpkin skin on in order to form lines to give the shape definition and darkness. And as an experiment, I’ve added a “sunburst” type effect around the top of the television set.

This is new territory for me – normally I just cut out the shapes to create the pumpkin ‘face’, but this time I wanted to experiment with depth and controlling the way the light bled through the pumpkin to create different effects.

Anyway, we decided to use the pumpkin in the way Google uses doodles – we’ve changed our logo to the pumpkin over Halloween, and we’re using it as our social media avatar throughout the next week. Hopefully our readers will enjoy it and start to look forward to other seasonal-themed avatars as time goes on!

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