Halloween: Unreality TV themed pumpkin

For the first year ever, we’ve had a crack at creating an Unreality TV themed pumpkin! I had to simply the logo somewhat to make this work, but was able to carve it with bat’s wings and vampire teeth and remarkably…nothing fell apart!

I left some of the pumpkin skin on in order to form lines to give the shape definition and darkness. And as an experiment, I’ve added a “sunburst” type effect around the top of the television set.

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Skull Pumpkin lit up

It’s pumpkin-carving time again! I’ve discovered that Halloween is the peak of my creative output each year – from hacking up pumpkins to painting faces (mostly my own, I admit).

Whenever Halloween rolls around, I’m often thrown back to my teenage obsession with Alice Cooper and the theatrical horror and wicked makeup that he wore on stage. That’s why I always gravitate toward blood or strange markings around the eyes.

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Halloween facepaint

Thought I’d share this one – on the morning of the kids’ Halloween dress-up day at school, I decided to slap on a bit of make-up and join in the fun!

I always love doing make-up around the eyes, which probably stems from my fascination with Alice Cooper when I was younger. A little bit of sponge work sorted out the cheekbone definition!

You should have seen the stares as we walked the kids into school!