How to set the alarm clock on your iPhone 4

Ever wondered how to set the alarm clock on your iPhone? I got one at Christmas and spent ages browsing through the settings looking for the alarm setup.

It turns out that the clock’s where the configuration settings are. On my iPhone the clock’s inside the Utilities folder.

iPhone utilities folder

Here’s the alarm config screen – I’ve already added an alarm in this example, but you can add a new alarm by clicking the plus button on the top right hand side.

iPhone alarm config screen

Also, look along the bottom of the screenshot above – there are other cool gadgets like a stopwatch and timers. Never overboil an egg again!

Here’s the Add Alarm screen – you can configure the time of the alarm, the ringtone to use and a bunch of other options.

iPhone add alarm

When you click save, you’ll move on to configure which days you want the alarm to work on. You need to click each day individually.

Alarm repeat settings

And that’s it, you should have your alarms fully configured. The hardest part was finding where the clock programme was in the first place!

If you’re an Android user, you should check out this tutorial on how to set an alarm on a Nexus.

49 thoughts on “How to set the alarm clock on your iPhone 4

    1. gerard

      I also mean this earnestly and humbly – it took me forever to find this functionality on the iPhone, that’s why I wrote this to help other people out. If you’re coming to the iPhone from a conventional mobile, your first instinct is to look in the system settings or perhaps the calendar.And if you look around the rest of this blog, you’ll know I’m fairly tuned into tech stuff. That’s why I haven’t written a post on how to use the iPhone calculator (for example).

      1. Marsh

        Thank you. I don’t have an iPhone but my sweetheart has one; he doesn’t have much time to futz with it, so I like to learn all I can to help him. Myself, I have just a simple little LG flip phone that does what I need (make calls, get calls and have an alarm clock!)

        Bless all the techies and their mounds of information!

      2. marc

        “If you’re coming to the iPhone from a conventional mobile…”

        That’s what brought me here (2+ years later!). Thanks, Gerard!

    2. Anonymous

      I mean this earnestly and humbly, as a National Merit Scholar who had the highest SAT score in my HS graduating class:  it’s VERY necessary. I used to do iPhone tech support for AT&T, (more phone stuff than app stuff, but still), and I still needed this.

    3. Mick

      Yes. I’m so glad its there. I have to get up for surgery and needed to set the alarm — couldn’t figure it out. Of course its easy when YOU ALREADY KNOW. But for the rest of us – we are glad for those who went before and led the way.

    4. Johnpip

      Yes indeed. I’m very computer literate, but often I haven’t got the time to work out the simplest of things. It’s quicker to google them. I’m always very grateful to people who write up this sort of thing. There is always something we don’t know, however simple.

  1. Anonymous

    I cant even find the utilities!!  but when I do – this post is very handy xx do you have to download the utilities? xx

  2. kyle

    Thanks a million. I’ve been looking for this for weeks now! I got mine set but honestly forgot where… I knew I would get it on the inter web though.

  3. Carol

    Thank you so much, I started looking around and Im fairly techno savy but couldnt find the alarm clock so I googled it and followed your advice and yay Im set to get up in the morning =) have to say I am quite disappointed with the booklet that came with the phone not at all helpful so thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    I remember that I set it once, but when I wanted to use it again, I really had a hard time to find it.  It’s ironic that as a “Computer Science” graduate, I could not figure out this silly thing!  Go figure!Apple did not have to change the convention as everyone knows this should have been a feature of calendars!!So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  5. Mommy&techgenious

    Thank u so much for a very necessary post! I have spent hours on this iPhone trying to figure out how to set what should be a very easy feature.. Coming from other “smart” phones I had no idea how to use what should be a very easy feature. Thank you again.

  6. Anonymous

    I already found how to do it but only after viewing all the other dumb procedures that ‘expected’ me to have the clock icon on the front page. Your instructions are great. I wish I’d found yours first.

  7. Anonymous

    hey.I Have a Samsung Galaxy S II. one od my friends has a Iphone 4. she has somehow set an external alarm clock on my phone, so it sets of at 6 a clock in the morning. I was wondering is some one knew how she did this and if it is possible to turn it of, or if i can set an alarm in on her mobil, externaly? I know this is a page for Iphone, but I am desperat.

  8. NF

    I can’t seem to find this answer anywhere else, but do you also know how I would clear songs I have selected to use in clock? I don’t want them cluttering there forever and seems odd swiping does nothing.

  9. ron

    Hopefully you can answer this. I just switched my Samsung 3 for my wife’s iPhone4, took it to Verizon and had all the contacts etc transferred.
    She has a whole bunch of alarm settings and what I want to do is clear the alarm settings completely. I know how to set the alarm and how to turn them off, but I just want a clean page instead of having my new alarm settings at the bottom of all the previous settings. (the reason I switched with her is hers is smaller and more convenient for me to handle when I am driving. The Samsung, while is a great item, it is for me too big to handle with one hand and keep your eye on the road, especially with that upper side sweep to activate it.)
    Thanks in advance….Just want to clean the page….already have turned the old ones off.

    1. Jo

      Go into the alarms – press the edit button top left then click the red warning sign by the alarms you want to delete.

      🙂 Took me a while to work that our for texts

  10. Duncan

    Also the spotlight function swiping right will find anything on your iPhone. I actually want to set it so it still works when the phone is switched off, all previous mobiles I’ve had did this anyway, but the iPhone doesn’t seem capable of turning itself on at the alarm set time.

  11. Loll

    Thank you! I couldnt find it without your assistance – as with MANY what should be simple functions on my IPhone – much appreciated!

  12. Jo

    BUT . . . how do you turn vibrate off for the alarm and how do you adust the volume ot it?

    Seems to me there is not vibrate off option and you have to have your phone on ‘volume up’ for the alarm to work 😦 bit crap

  13. Mary Turzillo

    Finding the alarm function was the least of my issues. I downloaded the newer OS for my iPhone, and now when I attempt to turn an alarm on or off, it switches me over to the timer page. I get up at different times depending on what I have to do, and having to poke randomly at the screen for five or more minutes is NOT what I want to do when I’m dead tired and have to get up far too early the next morning. I still can’t figure out how to turn the alarms on and off. I just wish there were a very explicit tutorial to tell me how to set a ONE-TIME alarm. I don’t care what the tone is; I figured that out once, although I think they changed the algorithm for setting it in order to drive us all crazy. I just want to pick what time I’m going to wake up tomorrow. I am seriously thinking of going back to my sweet little mechanical alarm clock that weighs only an ounce and snuggles in my luggage just fine.

  14. T

    Omg thanks!!!. I was using an old spare phone as an alarm clock for months because i like you, i also thought to look for the alarm in settings. Sigh.

  15. Celine

    I have set an alarm. But is there a way to turn the phone off at night (to charge it) and have the alarm still go off in the morning? That is where I am having trouble.

  16. Michael

    I used the alrm clock several times and then recently, it just disappeared. The clock icon is no longer under utilities nor anywhere else !!! I am baffled

  17. november

    I set the alarm daily for medication at a certain time of the day . Once, I left it at a friend’s house ( no one around as ovesea ) and thought of only collecting it the next day. Will it sounds continuously or only for certain period of time ? Thx.

  18. Brian

    I am new to the iPhone 5 so this might sound like a stupid question. I knew how to set the alarm either by the Clock app or speaking to “Siri” but my question is. Once you have set the required alarm time do you switch the phone off or does it have to remain on for the alarm to work ?

    1. earlybird

      I find the alarm function on my 4s is a bit disappointing. two people on this blog asked already. The alarm can only go off when the phone turned on. If I switch it off for sleep, it won’t go off the next morning until I switch the phone on. This function is not as good as my old Pantech. Can any one help with this?

      1. m

        you can switch into not disturb mode from settings (a tiny moon appears at the top right corner), then lock the phone by pressing the sleep button short. no phone calls and alerts will get through

  19. eddie

    Thanks alot , I totally agree with you, Remember! a good teacher assumes his pupils has no experience, its the very best path to take, most people skip through lessons and don’t often listen properly. well done , keep it up
    the opposite to this form causes ignorance and a lot of Googling

  20. Vcyn

    I am not tech savvy at all but had no problem setting the alarm. My problem is setting it so it turns off by itself if I am not around. As it is now, it just keeps ringing and ringing and ringing. It is terrible! I have like 7 daily alarms to remind me of different things. With my other phones, they would ring a couple of times and shut off automatically. would you happen to know how to do this?

    1. Why not simply swipe the phone to dismiss the alarm? I can’t find any other way to shut the alarm off or to set a timeout on it. Alternatively, there may be other alarm apps in the App Store that can be configured to suit your needs.

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