Nginx and WordPress: Redirecting www domain to non-www using server block

Nginx logoThis is a quick tip post to show you how to redirect the www version of a domain to it’s non-www equivalent using Nginx.

The reasons for doing this are quite technically dense, so a knowledge of web hosting and SEO might be useful. Basically, having the same site available at both and means that there are two identical copies of your site on the web.

This is what’s called ‘duplicate content’, and can lead to your site being penalised by search engines. It’s a quick thing to remedy if you’re hosting your site with Nginx. You simply add a server block for the domain.

Setting up the redirect

When we did our original tutorial on setting up Nginx, I recommended setting up the config files using the name of the domain. So, your domain config should be in /etc/nginx/sites-available and the file should be named

So, open up the config file in a text editor

sudo nano

Next, add a new server block

server {
        listen 80;
        rewrite ^$uri permanent;


The rewrite line redirects the request to the non-www version of the site. It also works for long requests like The www part of the domain name will be stripped.

Be careful not to add a trailing slash after the domain name – the $uri operator will do that for you! And obviously you want to use a permanent redirect, which translates as a 301 redirect for SEO purposes.

In order to activate the new config, you have to reload the Nginx service.

sudo service nginx reload

You should now test this config in your web browser. I’ve just run this code on a test site, and it works perfectly for requests to the domain itself and to pages within the site. I’ve mentioned WordPress in the title of this post because that’s the CMS that I’ve used in testing this out. It works extremely well for our requirements.

I haven’t tested any of this with Drupal or any other content management systems. Neither have I tried using a wildcard subdomain instead of the entry in the server block.

One thought on “Nginx and WordPress: Redirecting www domain to non-www using server block

  1. smartsearchmedia

    If you don’t you get stuck in a loop with the server-side rewrites directing to no-www and then WordPress redirecting to www and so on and so forth. If you forget, it’s simply a matter of manually editing the settings table of your SQL DB to remove (or add) the ‘www’ to your domain. Can’t tell you how annoying this is if you forget, and yes I’m stupid enough to have done it more than once sigh

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