The quickest way to install Aptana Studio on Ubuntu

Aptana logoAptana Studio is free web development software which runs on Linux and Windows alike. I switched to it a few years ago to break my dependence on outdated versions of Dreamweaver.

However, it’s difficult to get it installed on Ubuntu. But once you do, it’s unlikely you’ll need any other program for web development. It handles regular HTML, CSS and PHP files beautifully.

Anyway, enough with the sales pitch. I’m betting you came here to find out how to install Aptana on Ubuntu. Well, here’s how…


You can’t install Aptana through the Synaptic Package Manager. But you can install Eclipse, the multi-purpose IDE software. Yes, I know this is cheating slightly, but you want to do this the easy way, don’t you?

  1. In Ubuntu, fire up the Synaptic Package Manager. Do a search for Eclipse and select the package for installation. It’ll work out the necessary dependencies, so all you have to do is accept whatever it tells you and press Apply to install the software.
  2. Now, head over to the Aptana website and click the Download Aptana 2 button. Select the Eclipse plug-in version and click the download button underneath.
  3. Surprise! You don’t download anything, at least not yet. What you get is a URL and a set of instructions. I won’t repeat these here in case they change at some point in the future. Just follow these instructions to install Aptana on top of Eclipse.
  4. You may have to restart Eclipse to apply the changes.

A couple of notes:

  • You access Aptana through Eclipse. Eclipse is available through the Programming menu in Ubuntu.
  • I rely a lot on the FTP features of Aptana. I found the quickest way to activate this view was to go to the Window menu and select My Studio.
  • I found on the first time loading Eclipse that Aptana didn’t automatically appear. I have no idea what I did to activate Aptana, but it suddenly appeared for me. Let me know if you know what causes this.

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