Drupal LogoI have a couple of dormant domains at the moment that I’m always threatening to do something with. For the moment though, they serve nicely as testing sandbox for various Drupal-y things I’m working on.

On one such domain, the other day, I installed the latest beta of Drupal 7. It was much fun, messing around and getting lost in (yet another) re-juggling of the interface and trying to find common menu options, etc, etc. But that’s not the point of this post.

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Aptana logoAptana Studio is free web development software which runs on Linux and Windows alike. I switched to it a few years ago to break my dependence on outdated versions of Dreamweaver.

However, it’s difficult to get it installed on Ubuntu. But once you do, it’s unlikely you’ll need any other program for web development. It handles regular HTML, CSS and PHP files beautifully.

Anyway, enough with the sales pitch. I’m betting you came here to find out how to install Aptana on Ubuntu. Well, here’s how…
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Facebook logoLisa and I have been talking quite a bit lately about the impact of Facebook and Twitter on other areas of the internet – specifically forums and blogs.

We formally shut down the Unreality TV Forum earlier this year because engagement had dropped right off. The only new members were spammers, determined to graffiti our site with all sorts of shady links. And since the forum software was on a stagnated platform (Simple Machines Forum), which was incredibly difficult to theme for and manage, we took the decision to shut the forum down.

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