If you’re working on developing websites, it’s handy to have a development server to test your designs and code against. If you’re running Ubuntu, it’s fairly easy to install a LAMP stack – I use mine for running test versions of WordPress and Drupal for themeing, but you can use this setup for all kinds of web development.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to quickly install Apache, MySQL and PHP to give yourself a fully-functioning development server. By the way, I’m using Ubuntu 10.04 to carry out this tutorial.

We’ll do the installation in three stages: Apache first as the web server, then PHP5 and finally the MySQL database server. And we’re going to do this through the command line, although I’ll give you tips on GUI installation at the end.Continue reading

Trafalgar Square, London

Had a lovely walk around London on Monday (again). Unfortunately, the National Gallery doesn’t actually open until 10am, so while loitering around Trafalgar Square I took a few photos. This one looks over one of the fountains, past the statue of King George IV and up to St Martin In The Fields church