Drupal LogoIf you’re a convert to Drupal from a blogging platform like WordPress, you might miss the Previous/Next post links that allow visitors to read through the posts on your site in a chronological manner.

I’ve been searching for a solution to this for a while, but nothing I’ve found on Drupal.org has offered an acceptable solution for me. What I’m going to show you here is some code I’ve put together that retrieves the next and previous posts from the database and displays them for the user. If you are a Drupal guru and have suggestions for how to refine this, please share your knowledge in the comments.Continue reading

Rachel at Mussenden Temple

This one was Rachel’s idea – she’d suggested that I stand with my hand out like I was holding Mussenden Temple in the palm of my hand. She took the picture of me, so I offered to do the same for her.

She’s a bit blurred (I must’ve been messing with the manual focus), but was happy enough with how it turned out, because she appears to be looking at the Temple – even though it was behind her!

Kids at Benone beach

I asked them to pose ‘nicely’ for a photo. Between Rachel’s expert bug-eye face and the boys mugging around in a squillion different ways, most of my photos from today’s day out were unusable (or just reserved for laughing at privately in about 10 years).

The only way to get them to pose seriously is to pretend you’ve stopped taking photos and drop the camera down. So, while they were giving their faces a break, I hit the button. And this is the result. That’s Mussenden Temple in the background. I’m fascinated by this place now that I’ve seen it a couple of times.

Sail boat at Benone Strand in Northern Ireland

A sail boat passes by Benone Strand, near Mussenden Temple. Taken while out with the kids for the day – a really beautiful day out: fantastic weather, a relatively quiet beach and lots of splashing about in the water.