GerryBot: A free minimalist theme for Drupal

Gerrybot theme for Drupal

I promised a while back that I would make the theme I use on this site available for free download.

Well, here it is. Called GerryBot, it’s  a very minimalist one-column Drupal 6 theme. The original concept behind this theme was to have as little as possible on the page to distract from the content. Some of the features are:

  • Single column design, but with support for blocks in the sidebar underneath the logo.
  • Only two regions for blocks – in the sidebar area or underneath the content. Remember, the goal is to reduce on-page clutter.
  • Primary links at top of page, secondary links at the footer of the page.
  • Content area is 500px wide, uses 14px font size for good legibility. Body is a subtle grey shade, and the inner content area is white to focus the eye on the article.
  • Based on a 960 Grid layout.

Now, the theme is in ‘beta mode‘ at the moment. I’ve never packaged a Drupal theme before, so I really would appreciate your feedback.



Usual Drupal theme installation advice applies:

  • Unzip the archive and upload the gerrybot folder to your Drupal site to sites/*/themes
  • Log on to Drupal as the administrator, go to Site Building -> Themes. Activate the theme (set it as default too) and then click Save Configuration.
  • Visit the homepage of your site and the GerryBot theme should now be applied.


Whether it’s aesthetic details of the theme – font-sizes, colours of links, etc, or if GerryBot is missing support for common styling elements that occur in Drupal. Just let me know – either in the comments to this page, or use my contact form.

7 thoughts on “GerryBot: A free minimalist theme for Drupal

  1. Thanks a lot for make this theme open.BTW, a few days before, I saw your SEO post displayed in’s aggregation. This theme attracted me a lot, and I am theming a similar theme based on Fusion and Chinese calligraphy. My theme will be open later too:)

    1. gerard

      I’m happy to GPL the theme, absolutely. But how does one do that, and don’t you need a SVN account or something to commit the theme?

  2. Bálint Kléri

    Impressive minimalistic design, that’s what I need. I love it!Thank you very much, this will be the theme of my blog with a little modification: I think, the dividers in the bottom of the nodes are unnecessary, and not so minimalistic.Of course, I will indicate the original creator’s name. 🙂

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