Since most laptop and desktop computers these days can boot from a USB drive, one of the handiest utilities in my toolbox is an installation of Pendrive Linux.

Pendrive Linux gives you a bootable, fully-working linux system on a USB stick. I use a 2GB ByteStor flash drive personally, with the default install of the Pendrive Linux system. From what I’ve read, you can go as far as to install larger systems like Ubuntu on a flash drive, but I’ve stuck to this slightly more compact system (more out of laziness, to be honest).Continue reading

Drupal LogoI am continually making striving to improve the design of our community site, Unreality Shout. I’m quite fond of the grid-based design, but there’s usually something that needs refined or improved.

A couple of days ago, I decided to move the search box to a more prominent place on the page. When I designed the site, I hastily threw in a search form as a sidebar block…right down around the bottom. I was never 100% happy about this arrangement, but my Drupal skills were weaker then.

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