Antrim Round Tower

The Round Tower and Bullaun Stone are impressive reminders of Antrim’s ancient monastic settlement. The tower was built around the 10th century as a bell-tower for protection from raiders and is known locally as The Steeple. It is 28 metres tall and is one of the finest of its kind in Ireland. The monastic site was burned in 1147.

I took this one a few years back after spending an afternoon wandering around Antrim looking at it’s historical landmarks. I think this round tower (along with the round tower at Devenish Island) is one of only two full-sized round towers remaining in Northern Ireland.

Drupal LogoSomething I’ve hated about running community sites on Drupal is the cursed Spam Link Deterrent filter.

The idea behind this filter is that it applies rel=”nofollow” to any links in user-generated content. And the reason this is necessary is that when you have a membership site and you allow users to create content on it, you inadvertently attract spammers who want to drop links back to their own site.

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London: White Tower at the Tower Of London

A shot of the side of the Tower Of London’s White Tower. I took this one when we were in London back in Easter 2008 – I never really got a chance to upload some of these at the time.

Since we’re going to London again in a couple of weeks, I’m hoping to build up my portfolio of photos of the city. I think I’ve fallen in love with London again.