Statue of Molly Malone, Dublin

Molly Malone statue in Dublin

Meet Molly Malone. Hard to miss this statue on the corner of Grafton Street and Nassau Street in Dublin, due to the fact that she’s quite, ahem…well endowed. And usually surrounded by camera-toting tourists like myself.

The old gent in front was busking there, hoping to capitalize on Molly’s fame, no doubt.

Anyway, Molly Malone is also known in Dublin as “The Tart with the Cart”, “The Dolly with the Trolley”, “The Trollop with the Scallop”, “The Dish with the Fish” or “The Flirt in the Skirt”. Yes, those are all references to her being a fishmonger by day and a prostitute by night.

Believe it or not, the statue was only installed in 1987, making it a fairly recent fixture. It was designed by Jeanne Rynhart.

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