In the hospital

Inside Lourdes hospital

The quality of this photo is truly terrible – it was taken as a panoramic image on my mobile phone – but it shows my parents in my father’s hospital room in Lourdes.

This was taken around the 15th or 16th of April. After hearing that he’d taken ill on holiday, I got on the earliest available flight to France. I was picked up at Lourdes train station by the priest who was with their tour group, and told he had a serious tumour. Of course, my father and mother had no idea at the time, but he must have been quite shaken, because I remember how glad he was to see me.

Digging through some of these photos, this feels like the start of a short, intense period of our lives. The sudden illness, the flight to Lourdes and the subsequent battle to get him home and hospitalised.

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