Mussenden Temple

Mussenden Temple, tourist attraction in Northern Ireland

A few months back, we took a trip to a fair at Downhill Estate. I’ve been waiting for years to get a chance to see Mussenden Temple, a small round building that overlooks the ocean.

The temple is a part of the estate, and features prominently in any tourist literature to do with Northern Ireland. And so it should. The setting is breathtaking – right on the cliff edge – and the sight of the coast stretching out for miles. Well, let’s just say it was worth the wait.

On the day we visited, the Temple itself was open to visitors, but sadly completely empty inside. All that remains are bare bricks and what I assume to be the stumps of columns that must have been inside. According to what I’ve read, the building was designed as a summer library – can you imagine having a place like that, in such a dramatic location to sit with your feet up and read books all day?

I wonder where I can get one of my own…?

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