How does an Atheist deal with death? Two things have made me think about death and Atheism lately: a reading of Richard Dawkins’ book, The God Delusion and the news that my father has terminal cancer.

Personally, I don’t think my approach to death has ever been challenged by the death of a close relative. I’ve only attended a handful of funerals since my grandmother (on the McGarry side) died back in 1985. Of course, back then I was a fully subscribed Catholic, but I can only vaguely recall her decline and death. I might tell that story someday.

But for almost half my life now, I’ve been subscribed to an Atheist worldview. In later years, I’ve mixed in a little Buddhist philosophy with this: Buddhists don’t shy away from the process of ageing and death, they accept it and embrace it. I read a few years back that some Buddhist monks meditate on skulls as a reminder that life is finite. Why pretend otherwise? Continue reading

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What to do about Twitter? Do I want more followers? Do I need more followers? Everybody says you need loads of followers?

The truth is, I’m an old-timer in terms of social media. I’ve witnessed the rise and fall of MySpace, and countless other services being launched and failing to gain traction. I dread to think how many dormant accounts I have littering the web.

So, do I want to get into another social media site, playing the numbers game yet again, clamouring for friends and contacts because friends and contacts equal influence.

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Drupal logoDrupal’s default way of displaying categories really bugs me. They compile all the categories into an unordered list, which adds a lot of pointless complexity to the theme.

Coming from the WordPress school, I’d much prefer to have a comma-separated list of categories. Well, after an epic battle with my node.tpl.php file and much searching on the Interwebs, I’ve come up with a solution. It’s based heavily on a code snippet used in this Lullabot article.

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