My Untimely Demise

My untimely demise in Ibiza

Every now and then, you get an opportunity to be photographed at the brink of death. There’s a shot of me apparently hanging from a cliff edge that’s quite convincing (I was standing on a fairly reliable outcrop at the time).

I came across this shot, taken on holiday in Ibiza. I remember seeing the huge flight of steps and asking Lisa to go to the top and take a photo. By the time she got there and turned around to take the shot, I was lying on the ground.

Having not explained my intentions beforehand, she assumed I’d fallen over or something, so we had this shouted conversation where I explained that I wanted her shot to make it look like I’d just fallen down a flight of steps. And this is the end result.

I really like the idea of doing a series of gory near-death photos though: very Alice Cooper!

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