Cruising around Malta

Looking At Valletta Bay in Malta

A photo from back in November 2000, the first big holiday Lisa and I ever took. We stayed near St Julian’s in Malta and one day took this brilliant cruise around the bay, which was just so relaxing.

Back then, we didn’t have a car, so we walked everywhere around the place, took bus tours and little cruises like this one. There were no prams to push, no deadlines to meet and we simply explored the island at our leisure.

There’s something irresistable about the architecture of those buildings, the little first floor balconies and the ornate arches and distant domed roofs.

November’s a funny time to go for a holiday as well. Well, it was back then. We were the youngest couple travelling amongst a group of silver surfers and blue rinses from the UK mainland: part of the group was massive good fun, and part were such a curmudgeonly bunch, you wonder why they bothered to leave home in the first place.

Probably because they’d run out of things to grump about…

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