Drupal 6: Get notification emails when modules are updated

Drupal LogoHere’s another quick Drupal 6 tip: if you have the Update Status module enabled, you can get notifications by email when updated modules for your site are available.

This is a handy thing to have, particularly for security updates. As I understand it, the Update Status module periodically checks against the Drupal website (on each cron run) and will notify you if updates are available. I think it only checks activated modules though, so if there are updates to inactive modules, it won’t notify you.

Setup for Update Notifications

Here are a few notes on getting update notifications up and running:

  1. Is the Update Status module enabled? If not, browse to Admin -> Modules and enable it.
  2. Is there a cron run configured? If not, set up a regular cron run for your Drupal installation. This is just good practice.
  3. Now, browse to your Drupal admin pages, then go to Reports -> Available Updates and click on the Settings tab.
  4. In here, you can enter a series of email addresses to notify when updates are avalable. Then you can opt for check daily or weekly for updates, and whether you want to receive security updates only or for all updated modules.

In my experience, the more modules you have installed, the more frequently you’ll receive these updates. Personally, I prefer to set it just for security updates so that I get the important notices only.

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  1. Thanks! I thought I looked there (Available Reports settings)… but I guess I didn’t look very carefully. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to write this up!

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