Alternatives to Google Reader: are there any?

A few years ago, it seemed that there was an endless supply of new and exciting online RSS readers. I started off on Bloglines, then moved with the herd to Google Reader, where I’ve been happily using their freebie product ever since. Somewhere along the line I had a brief flirtation with the clever hybrid RSS/Digg-style

Sadly, Rojo got acquired by Six Apart and no longer exists.

Why am I looking around for alternative RSS readers? Well, I’m going through one of those anti-Google phases. I’m getting a teeny bit concerned about the amount of information I’m feeding the company. And so I’ve started looking around for an alternative.

The thing is, there don’t seem to be many alternatives. What’s that all about? Did Google get involved in the RSS market and completely obliterate the competition? Looks like it: there’s virtually nothing left. Which is weird, considering how RSS once promised to revolutionize how we consume information.

There seem to be a few self-hosted solutions out there, like GobbleRSS. Not a bad idea though, especially if you’ve got concerns over Google’s stewardship of your data. Of course, you’ve got to have a web server at your disposal on which to install said Open Source RSS reader.

Two cutting edge RSS readers that mix the holy grail of information feeds and social interaction are recommended at ReadBurner. Worth a look?

I would experiment with offline RSS readers but because I flick between computers and operating systems, that’s not a great option. BlogBridge looks good on this front, because it has a service that backs up your subscriptions online so you can have a degree of flexibility.

Rather unimaginatively, I’ve headed for the Bloglines beta version – something familiar, but slightly improved upon the original version of Bloglines.

But just as a question to the readers: have you come across a decent alternative to Bloglines or Google Reader? Care to recommend one?

3 thoughts on “Alternatives to Google Reader: are there any?

  1. Guillaume Boudreau

    NewsGator is cool. Keeps all your RSS clients synced on what you’ve read, and what’s left to read. You can even select what feeds are shown in what clients, so you can keep non-work related feeds out of your work PC. They got clients for all devices (I used the iPhone, Mac and Windows ones). Good luck. And cheers for the GobbleRSS link.BTW If I try to enter my website’s URL in the “Homepage” field, I get a message saying “Your submission has triggered the installed spam filter and will not be accepted.” Just removing my URL (h t t p www pommepause dot com) let me posts…

  2. I’ve been using Managing News for a while now, but I’m looking for an alternative, because: 1. it’s built upon Drupal, therefore HUGE, and 2. it has a problem with my host’s cron service, and sometimes there are several days with no updates.Now I’ve found Tiny Tiny RSS, and I’ll give it a try, along with Gobble. BlogBridge didn’t really upload all articles from feeds to their server, only the feed itslef (last year when I tested it), so no use.

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