Desktop Blogging Clients for Linux/Ubuntu

Ubuntu logoI installed a dual-boot configuration during a system rebuild recently and stuck the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu 8.10 on a sizeable partition. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m constantly questioning whether Ubuntu Linux is a viable Windows replacement.

One of the key things for me in making a transition of this magnitude is finding a desktop blogging client compatible with Linux and it also being as fully featured as Windows Live Writer – my blogging client of choice and perhaps the leading blog client software. The thing is, the latest version of Live Writer Beta has some pretty hot features, including a link gloassary which allows you to autolink to a page previously linked to: you enter the last anchor text as previously and it automatically creates the link for you.

There isn’t a single other blog editor that I know of that can replicate that functionality.

I took a look around for a bespoke blogging client for Linux. The state of the ‘market’ is pretty poor – the main players have little to no modern functionality, and other bloggers have complained about the lack of development in this area. I have a feeling that KBlogger might be an improvement, but haven’t yet checked it out.

The Serious Contenders

As it stands, I’m currently drafting this post in ScribeFire for FireFox. It’s not a bad editor: supports Drupal and WordPress, sends pings on posting, has tagging and categorisation support. Neat stuff – embedding from YouTube and Flickr. The hyperlink tool automatically pastes in the most recent URL in the clipboard.

Flock is a decent option as well. It’s not the best option out there, and I can’t seem to find it under the Synaptic Package Manager, which means you’ll have to download it from the Flock website and do a manual install. (Update: Flock is no longer available. Sorry.)

The holy grail, of course, would be to get Windows Live Writer working under Ubuntu. Tried this using WINE, but apparently it’s not going to happen. Well, not unless I do a Virtualbox install, stick Windows XP on it and run Live Writer seamlessly. However, this would open up the path for running Photoshop in Ubuntu and some of the other apps that have me lingering in Windows. If I go this route, I’ll definitely share my notes for getting Live Writer/Virtualbox installed.

Are you using a desktop blog client in Ubuntu? If so, share here what you’re using and how it’s working out for you.

8 thoughts on “Desktop Blogging Clients for Linux/Ubuntu

  1. As a recent newcomer to this whole blogging thing – I too went in search of a linux client and found them to be pretty average. I already had virtualbox on my machine (a very painless install I must say: and windows runs better that way …) and installed WLW there. Works a charm and I can post with speed :). Cutting my waffle : install VB and get WLW   

  2. I have been blogging for a while now, and nothing I have found comes close to Windows Live Writer. It just works so well in comparison that it’s just annoying to use anything else.Currently use Ubuntu, but I am having to keep a Windows 7 dual boot so I can run it. Seems there is not easy solution to using it other than running a virtual machine (which I may have to do).Annoying!

  3. I am an ex-Windows user, recently I migrated to Kubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) and I have picked it up rather quickly. My only problem lies within the lack of suitable offline blogging clients for the platform. A remake of Windows Live Writer for Kubuntu would be ideal, although it feels as though no such thing will happen in the near future. So I am left with the problem of which I must find and install a suitable blogging client before I can continue to add content to my website. If I cannot find a suitable offline blogging client as similar to Windows Live Writer as possible then I will be in quite the predicament. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.P.s  I tried Kblogger for Kubuntu and found that it lacked even the most basic features, especially in comparison to the only decent software created by Microsoft, which of course is Windows Live Writer.

  4. You guys might want to check out a review and comparison i have done of some of the better known and popular blogging clients have reviewed Blogilio (what i use), Gnome Blog, Drivel, bloGTK, Scribefire and Bleezer. 

  5. Matt

    Hey man,Hope you’re keeping well.I’m totally loving Ubuntu 8.10 myself at the minute because it is so stable in comparison to Ubuntu 8.04.  I’ve started developing entirely from it now but the only thing that annoys me is GIMP. Hopefully you can get something sorted with the blogging client on Ubuntu. Support for stuff like this can be generally patchy but it’s improving all the time.

    1. gerard

      Hiya Matt – good to hear from you!I’ve decided for the moment to work off a dual boot scenario – XP and Ubuntu at the same time. I really do enjoy delving into Ubuntu, and for the most part it just works well. As long as you’ve got combination Firefox/OpenOffice, you’re more or less sorted on any computer anyway.And I’m no GIMP fan either. I’d love to be able to say good things about it, but it’s nowhere near Photoshop – I mean how long before they get decent web compression features?

      1. Vadim

        A bit late, but I’ve been using this plugin with good results (sometimes better than photoshop – or maybe people weren’t using that properly):

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