Venice is flooded?

Steps of the canal in Venice

I’m absolutely gutted to hear that Venice is submerged under water.

We went to Venice in June and the city instantly earned a place in my heart. I just hope that it isn’t badly damaged and we’ll get a chance to go back someday.

In tribute to the beautiful and special city of Venice, here’s a random picture of my be-sandaled feet on the steps where we landed in Venice, with the waters gently lapping  against the stone. Isn’t it weird to think that people are wakeboarding through Piazza San Marco?

Here’s my earlier shot of the Grand Canal from the same trip:

Grand Canal, Venice

One thought on “Venice is flooded?

  1. Bill

    Stopped by for your post about Kubuntu and root… now I ahve to check out the rest of the site 🙂 One of the shortcomings of being American is, it’s quite prohibitive to travel.  I would love to live in the UK and be able to just hit most of Europe in a few hours…. it has to be sweet to be able to just pop over to Paris, and be home the same day. It’s not so much the time and distance (well, from where I am in PA, the last time I went to London the flight took about 6 hours and 3000 some odd miles), and even longer to get back (thanks to being against the jetstream), but the cost… about $1,000 US each (in 2000)  and it’s a shame… My family is from the UK, originally Welsh (shhh!) but transplanted to Liverpool… I have an 8 year old daughter and I would love for her to see the homeland. I know we’ll go eventually, but there is nothing like England when you are young. But the cost, is AT LEAST $3000 US just to fly, probably about another $1000 for hotel and $1000 for spending loot (or more depending on conversion that week) so I am in the $5,000 range before ever doing anything. Couple that with the fact that I would like to see Paris, Madrid, Brussels and Rome in my  lifetime…. makes me a very poor man 🙂

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