About two years ago, I decided that I wasn’t going to SEO this site. Admittedly, I’ve deviated from this strategy subtly in the intervening time.

For a start, I ditched the Garland theme in preference of my own design, which uses XHTML, is easily crawlable and very semantically correct. I noticed the other day that somewhere along the line, I installed the nodewords module for Drupal – possibly in testing for another site – but I’m not complaining about the individualised meta tags it creates.

There are two other things I would do to optimise this Drupal installation – installing the XML Sitemaps module for one thing – to give search engines an exhaustive menu of what’s available on this site.

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I haven’t made much fanfare on here about becoming self-employed.

Oh, in my head I wanted to write a sermon about how good it feels to be achieving a lifelong dream. The last few months at Howden, I was becoming more and more aware of how bogged down in paperwork we were becoming. It’s hard to be passionate about something when you can’t move for filling in forms.

So yes, leaving to work on my own business has been a great feeling. Liberating. Empowering. Lots of big motivational words like that.

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WordPress logoI use the wp-shortstat plugin across all my WordPress blogs to track visitors and show me where my visitors are coming from.

However, Shortstat has its problems – it logs everything, resulting in a massive database size on your server. The more popular your site, the more this lumbering beast of a database slows things down. In fact, in one instance, the database grew so large that Shortstat couldn’t display the stats anymore.

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