I have many reservations about the sheer amount of crap professional bloggers talk. Someone will proclaim Twitter the next big place to promote your blog, and off go the ADD masses looking for the next batch of hits for their wee blog.

Having blogged for quite some time now, I’ve seen a load of these trends come and go. For many years it was Digg, which spawned a cottage industry of bloggers raving about how to get on the front page and receive a traffic avalanche. Then StumbleUpon became the chosen one, and a host of niche social bookmarking services sprang up to try and capture a share of the market. Most became a vast wasteland of spam.

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Titanic Pump House at the Thompson Graving Dock, Belfast

The Pump House at the Thompson Graving Dock in Belfast. The Titanic was built here almost a century ago, and the area – interestingly – has a mix of old ship building scenery around it, but with a growing number of modern office buildings surrounding it.

It think it’s interesting to see the old industrial era of Belfast mixed in with the emerging technology and service businesses that are now starting to thrive in the city.

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Bridge of Sighs, Venice

This is the famous Bridge of Sighs which can be found off the Grand Canal in Venice. It’s a covered bridge which was used to transport prisoners from the Doge’s Palace through to the prisons.

It used to be said that the bridge derived its name from the sighs of the prisoners who would cross the bridge and experience their last view of the outside world. However, it’s claimed that this name was popularised by Lord Byron, despite the fact that the cells were mostly used to detain small-time criminals.Continue reading

I’m doing a little blog consolidation work at the moment. Maybe I mentioned in the last post that when I started blogging, I went to town registering domains and starting random blogs.

That’s a rookie mistake that I don’t intend to make again. For a start, maintaining all those separate WordPress installs at once, is a lot of work. Even with a dormant WP site, I still feel compelled to apply security updates in case there’s a chance the site gets hacked.

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