Unreality TV logoOn Wednesday 24th September, I handed in my notice at work. As of the 1st of November, I’ll be a free agent. And I’m not going back into paid employment for the moment – I’ll be working for Unreality TV.

A little over three years ago, Lisa and I started a little blog about Reality TV. I was working for Cleaver Fulton Rankin and doing a bit of web design work in my spare time to bring in extra cash.

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Smoking CarLet it be known that yesterday – 10th September 2008 – officially ended my relationship with FIAT.

Somewhere on the Antrim Road, on the way home from work, the car stalled. Given that the car stereo was drowning out the engine, it must have been sixth sense that told me something was wrong. Turning the radio off confirmed that the engine was no longer running, so I tried to turn the key a couple of times to get it started.

As the clock had struck rush hour, I was aware that my stationary car was in the way of other drones heading home. I approached the taxi driver in the car behind me for help pushing the car into a nearby side street.

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I’ve been weighing up two blogging/CMS platforms recently with a view to launching a new community site. Those platforms are Drupal and WordPress MU.

Drupal is a leading open source content management system. With the aid of some nifty add-on modules, Drupal is capable of becoming just about anything your imagination wants. Blogs, wikis, forums, event calendars and much more.

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