Junk Food

Junk Food: McDonalds in Italy

We just got back from our holiday in Italy, and I wanted to post the first picture I took on the holiday for your viewing pleasure. We were out for an afternoon hoping to go to the cinema, but we couldn’t find one that was open (damn those siestas – or whatever the Italians call them).

So, instead we dandered across the road to the McDonalds. Before we did, I took this shot of one of their huge communal bins – I thought it was quite a good statement on junk food.

The post-holiday resolution is now to cut down on the junk food intake. Last year, before I started in the new job, I had a medical that said I needed to lose a little bit of weight. It seems that 12 months later, the health issues haven’t been given enough attention. So now, after watching some of the toned bods down on Jesolo beach this week, the plan is to get working on that unsightly gut. I doubt this McDonalds will be the last junk food emporium I’ve seen the inside of, but hopefully they’ll be fewer in future.

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