Blogging Under Your Real Name

When I started blogging, I wrote using a pseudonym.

Not that I was focussing my writing on fundamentalist ramblings or anything to be ashamed of. I just appreciated that being anonymous afforded me the ability to write honestly and without fear of reprisal. I didn’t have to worry about friends, family and colleagues reading my innermost thoughts.

However, as you start to become established on the Internet, sometimes pseudonyms don’t cut it anymore. People don’t trust pseudonyms – why would someone hide behind a mask? And so I launched this site with the intention of having a personal base for people to find me.

Anyway, over the last week or so, I’ve been asked about this site by family and a colleague in work. Nothing bad, mind you. But for instance, a couple of far flung relatives have mentioned the site to my parents (which I found out about at the weekend). An uncle was able to get in touch through the contact form here. And my colleague in work was relatively impressed with my work on the Northern Ireland Guide.

Again, I’m not too bothered about anybody reading this. It’s mostly harmless banter. I still have the odd outlet for anonymous ramblings, don’t you worry.

I suppose it’s just another subtle reminder that visibility on the Internet comes with responsibilities. Having an Internet presence under your own name means managing your reputation. And thankfully, I haven’t seen too many “I Hate Gerard” sites on my travels across the Interweb.

When I spoke to my uncle Brendan last week, he said he didn’t browse too deeply because he was worried about parts of the site being private. Nope, I’m happy to share anything that’s on this site. I probably won’t explore my deepest, darkest thoughts in public, but what you see here is what you get.

Either way, if you’re a flesh and blood person and we have some connection, past or present, drop me a line. It’s always nice to catch up with folk…

4 thoughts on “Blogging Under Your Real Name

    1. gerard

      You’ve only just ‘come out’ from behind your own pseudonym in the last month or so! I’d be interested to see who could be the better me though!

      How are you finding being out of the closet, Dave?

  1. d@/e

    I didn’t want to end up being known as CyberScribe or Cybez forever.It hasn’t made much difference to my attempt @ blogging. I’m slightly more careful I don’t annoy any mad gunmen.

    I’m waiting to see when Twenty Major comes out.I’m sure he’d sell more of his books if he didn’t use that pseudonym.

    1. gerard

      I’m finding that more and more people are searching for me by name as a result of my affiliation with Unreality TV and other sites I’m involved in.

      As for Twenty, the minute he lost the mystique of his character, he’d be dead in the water. If you’re telling a story the way he is, it’s best to stay ‘in character’!

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