Where does Microsoft Outlook store signature files?

I was asked by someone today how they could get a well-formatted email signature like mine – you know, with the nice fonts, corporate logo and everything.

Well, I remembered going through a lot of pain trying to create my signature at the start. There had to be an easy way to distribute my signature as a template so that other people could customise it with their details.

After a bit of digging around, I discovered that Outlook 2003 stores signatures in documents and settingsusernameapplication Datamicrosoftsignatures. In my signatures folder, I found three versions of my standard signature – text-only, RTF and HTML. I was able to take these files and drop them into another user’s signatures folder. (If the person doesn’t have any previous signatures configured, you may have to create the signatures folder manually)

Now, go into Outlook 2003 and select Tools, Options, then go to the Mail Format tab. Click the Signatures button and you should see an entry for the signature you just copied across. You should then also be able to amend the details – change the name, DDI number and email address, etc – to suit the person you’re creating the signature for.

From my experiments, any changes you make in the Edit Signature screen are automatically copied to the text, rich text and HTML versions of your signature.

12 thoughts on “Where does Microsoft Outlook store signature files?

  1. Wazza

    I was just pondering this very question for another reason.  Thanks to you, I didn’t have to ponder for too long!

  2. Carmelo

    hi,at work we use XP but our Boss use Vista, recently i didi the signature in all pc’s but from the Vista it cames everything exploded i do not whay can you tell me how to proceeeed pls i am very frostrated especialy with my Boss!!!!!thanksCarmelo

  3. Denix

    Why would you post your link on a vista forum?  Your blog obviously has nothing to do with vista and file locations will not work on vista.

    1. gerard

      Mad as this may seem, Denix, I didn’t post this link to a Vista forum. Perhaps some other person thought it might be helpful to other people? And besides, modify the profile paths accordingly, and this will work just fine, even on Vista.

    2. Anonymous

      Denix…what a dick you are!  Someone tries to help someone else out and you get all high and mighty about how obviously they shouldn’t be posting to this because you have Vista.  Denix must have a nice time harassing people from his/hers parents basement, maybe Denix should expose him/herself to sunlight and real living people once in a while.  F*U Denix I hate people like you.

  4. WriterWriter

    Hi there,

    Help? Ok, I have Documents and settings/(my identity)/… inside there I have the following:
    .Technicare (I know what this is)
    My Documents
    Start Memu
    User Data
    Acronis (also know what this is)

    I am sure I’m looking in the wrong place but even a search for ‘microsoftsignatures’ turned up nothing in my system.

    I’m running XP and using Outlook 2003.


    1. KJ

      Have you checked to make sure that you are able to see hidden files and folders?(From windows explorer) Tools > Folder Options > ViewScroll through the list until you see “Show hidden files and folders”

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