I was asked by someone today how they could get a well-formatted email signature like mine – you know, with the nice fonts, corporate logo and everything.

Well, I remembered going through a lot of pain trying to create my signature at the start. There had to be an easy way to distribute my signature as a template so that other people could customise it with their details.

After a bit of digging around, I discovered that Outlook 2003 stores signatures in documents and settingsusernameapplication Datamicrosoftsignatures. In my signatures folder, I found three versions of my standard signature – text-only, RTF and HTML. I was able to take these files and drop them into another user’s signatures folder. (If the person doesn’t have any previous signatures configured, you may have to create the signatures folder manually)

Now, go into Outlook 2003 and select Tools, Options, then go to the Mail Format tab. Click the Signatures button and you should see an entry for the signature you just copied across. You should then also be able to amend the details – change the name, DDI number and email address, etc – to suit the person you’re creating the signature for.

From my experiments, any changes you make in the Edit Signature screen are automatically copied to the text, rich text and HTML versions of your signature.

Popeye Village, Malta

Here’s a photo I took during our holiday in Malta in 2000. It’s the abandoned set from the Popeye movie featuring Robin Williams.

Normally, a movie production would be expected to restore an area to its original condition, but I suppose on this occassion the Maltese folk thought it might be handy to keep it as a tourist attraction.

Of course, Malta’s had a few more movies, Ridley Scott’s Gladiator for one, but also a few James Bond movies as well. I think Troy may have been filmed there too.

Miniature model railway in Bangor

We took a little trip to Bangor at the weekend where one of the guys from work was involved in a model railway event. I went down to show a bit of support and take some pictures.

These are a couple of reproduction trains, models that are still on the lines in Northern Ireland today. Probably one of the best photos I got on the day, thanks to the kids rushing through at breakneck speed.

A Level family portrait

I thought I’d share this painting I did during my A Levels – it’s from a photo of my mother and sister sitting along the beack wall in Salthill in Galway. Memories of this are: struggling to work with the paint on the board, finding that my ‘style’ was a haphazard result of working with the paint blocks instead of skillful and on purpose.

The hardest and last part of the picture to get right were my sister’s trainers – in the photo they were white and I just couldn’t make that work with the colours in the rest of the painting. So, in a fit of frustration, I remember mixing up this horrible green colour and painting the shoes with that. Mrs Johnston (who put up with a lot from me during those two years) walked back into the room and declared the thing a raging success.