Here's What I Hate About Sploggers

I was writing a review of the latest Leona Lewis single for Unreality Music yesterday. When I’m writing reviews, I like to sometimes include opinions from other bloggers.

The problem with both Technorati and Google Blog Search is that they have extremely poor relevancy in the results, and these days they’re littered with spammy crap. It’s actually getting harder to pick up important topics in blogging because the tools just aren’t there to find people writing on similar topics.

Is AdSense The Problem?

A lot of bloggers complain that Google has no incentive to remove splogs – after all, they’re plastered in AdSense, Google’s advertising program. So, even if Google could detect these things – which I’m sure they can – and remove them from results, why would they? They’re making a fortune from them.

I didn’t believe this accusation. But I saw a few spam results in Google’s main search engine yesterday that has me wondering.

An Example

The term I used was something like “leona lewis better in time review”. A number of sites showed up, including this one. It’s highly targeted toward the main keywords people search for – “Leona Lewis Better In Time Music Video”.

The content is non existent. There’s the title, then a huge AdSense block. Then there’s a picture of the single cover which links back to the same page. After this, they repeat the keywords in the title, followed by a rectangular ad block. Then the only piece of real content on the page is a video syndicated over from DailyMotion.

What next? Oooh, let’s throw in another big AdSense block, then do a related posts list and then….more AdSense. They follow up with a comment form. I wonder why? Surely comment moderation isn’t something spammers do?

Why Bother Writing Good Content?

I labour over my music blogging. I mean really work hard.

I hate the fact that Google will rank something that’s blatant spam, making money for themselves and the sploggers at the same time. I mean, where’s the incentive for me to go out and write worthwhile content?

I might as well go out there and create Made For AdSense sites. I’ve got the SEO chops to do it, and it’d be a lot easier than actually listening to songs and sharing opinions with my readers. Why bother?

That’s not gonna happen. Like a lot of people, I’ve been working on the web for over a decade. In that amount of time I’ve seen enough rubbish to know that the web is drowning in rubbish. Why would I contribute to that?

What’s The Answer?

The answer for the moment is to use Google’s reporting features to try and get the site de-indexed. But don’t hold your breath.

Is this satisfactory? No. But with Google holding all the cards, it’s the best you’ve got, unless you want to get into some shady site warfare there’s nothing you can do. Besides, cut one AdSense site down and it’ll spring up somewhere else.

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