Our Posse In Prague

Lisa in Prague Tube

So, here’s Lisa with our good friends Noreen and Marty down in the Prague metro. The bevelled walls of the station reminded me of Daleks, so I asked the guys to pose in a kind of Doctor Who/Torchwood style. Naturally, they took this instruction very seriously…

Actually, on a more serious note, Noreen (front left) doesn’t know it yet, but when we got on the next train, her bag will be sliced open along the side seam. She didn’t notice anything untoward, but when we left the train she remarked on a couple of occassions that her bag felt strange.

It was only when we got back to the hotel that she discovered the bag had been slashed. Marty and I were having a couple of beers in the hotel bar and the two girls came in – a bit shellshocked by the fact that the bag had been cut open. Noreen, to her credit, took it with a very level head. Nothing was missing, and she thinks she may have shifted position at just the right time.

Just a cautionary tale – be careful around Prague, especially when you’re in close quarters with strangers.

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