Angels In Omagh

I took this shot back in the autumn time when we spent a weekend in Omagh. I reckon the angel could be lifted out and used in a collage type picture if I had the time and inclination to use Photoshop.

Omagh angel statue detail

Church art always fascinates me – the mixture of statues, frescos, murals and the ornate intricacy of church furniture. Stained glass windows are another favourite. It just seems that everything in a church tells a story.

For instance in St Vitus’ Cathedral in Prague has some gruesome depictions of folk who were boiled alive, lest we forget the human rights abuses of yesteryear. Must post some pictures of the Cathedral soon. Well, just as soon as I get upstairs to my PC in the attic (which has Photoshop plus my archive of photos on it). I’d like to publish a few galleries of photography here – I think having my pictures publicly available here will encourage me to take the camera out more and to try and take more inventive shots.

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