Ups And Downs

Phew! I’m stuck here in Glasgow airport for an hour or so before my flight home. And while I’ve got five minutes, I thought I’d update the old blog.

Personal Issues

When your blog is branded with your name on it, you are naturally more careful about the frivolous throwaway comments you might make on it. Or even deeper existential questions that are on your mind – after all, what might they reveal about you?

I’m finding it very hard to blog on this site, because I’m really not sure what image I want to project to the spectrum of people who might read it. (I say might read it. Let’s face it, barely anybody knows it exists!)

At the moment, friends and family might find it. Nothing offensive there, and possibly the most accepting group of whatever I chose to write here. But I find myself pondering what employers might think – past, present and future. Should I care? I’m not inclined to, but I know myself well enough to suspect I might care in the future. For one reason or another.

And what about all those lovely people who read my more popular blogs? Well, they’re getting nothing. Nada. But then, very few of them search for me anyway.

So I’m continually spinning ideas for personal posts that I can share here, but my inner editor keeps rejecting them all.

In The Air

So far this year I’ve been on four trips out of Northern Ireland. Maybe more. I’m thinking of losing count early this year.

I’ve been to Doncaster once, then Bristol last week to see the set of a new reality TV show, Glasgow today and Lisa and I went to Prague a few weeks back with our good friends and neighbours. By this stage, all the airports are starting to blur dangerously into one tedious conveyor belt of human cattle standing around in queues.

But I love airports. After spending hours freezing my ass off in Bristol last week, I went to the airport as soon as the press bit for Upstaged ended. I arrived four hours early at the airport and divided my time between reading, watching Ghost Whisperer episodes on my iPod and sleeping upright (which is a trick my family have perfected over the years). It’s actually quite relaxing in that no-man’s land between the security scanners and the flight home.

Big Projects About To End

When I started my new job back in July, I knew that I’d be involved in the go-live of a big project that was nearing completion. That behemoth of a project is about to be released within the next couple of weeks and will signal the first stage of massive organisational change.

It’s an exciting time professionally, but amazingly exhausting. The closer we get, the more deadlines and requirements appear that need dealt with. I’m not that close to the strategic end of the project, but as an IT Manager, I’m involved in setting the stage for technical requirements and making sure that client applications are configured and ready to go.

Hopefully I’ve been typically vague about my job. Don’t want to give away too much…

Anyway, there’s a quick update for interested parties. The flying continues next week to my other office, and possibly even more after that. It’s a great time, and so many things happening at the moment that it’s overwhelming. I can see this ‘intense’ period continuing for a little while longer – perhaps toward the end of April, then hopefully things will settle down and I can review around that point.

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