Back To Work

By my estimation I’ve been off work for a whopping 11 days over Christmas.

Increasingly over those 11 days, I’ve been dying to get back to work. Part boredom, part family and friends overdose and part terrifying freefall from having no real routine. It seems like I’m a creature of habit after all.

Surfing the web’s been a chore over Christmas – no real news out there, and no good opinion pieces. Everybody churns out lazy 2007 retrospectives and Top 10 lists of the year. I even caught the Chris Moyles ‘year in review’ on Radio 1 yesterday, which was irritating because it tops off a year where Moyle’s show has steadily gone downhill.

All the ProBlogging copycats churned through their monthly archives and regurgitated their ‘best’ posts. And all that proved was that all these dull metabloggers take their lead from 2 or 3 key players instead of charting their own course. Very sad. No style, no passion, no originality.

Anyway, so Christmas made me cranky.

January’s looking exciting though. Lots of interesting work on the horizon, some business and pleasure travel (a trip to Prague being most notable), and a new car to replace the ridiculous Nissan Serena that we bought a couple of years ago.

Most importantly, I’m feeling glad to be back at my desk. I’m finding that having my days structured again makes me more productive and focused. Focus will be important this year, as I’m juggling the day job with helping Lisa to grow Unreality into a bigger and better site. But we can talk about that later, can’t we?

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