A Week Of Challenges

It's been a week of challenges in the new job.

Running as part of a distributed, multi-site network is the part of the job that I knew I would thrive on, and that's exactly what's happening.

Because our staff spend their time between various sites both in the UK and abroad, they're mostly laptop users, and mostly connecting to different parts of the company network.

I've discovered a number of long-standing problems this week that have been bugging people. The remote site I visited on Tuesday, the user who couldn't connect to a remote share, deploying a new AntiVirus across my local site. Basically interesting stuff and problems I'd become disconnected from over the last couple of years.

It's nice to walk into a firm, discover lingering problems that have been around for months or even years and resolve them. These are the 'wins' that make IT work worthwhile. And as I said before, the people here are appreciative of the work I'm doing.

These early days are full of challenges, as I learn more about the network, resolve and document issues. Having challenges and rising to them is all part of the fun!

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