The new job's going exceedingly well. Do you know what the best part is? I'm feeling engaged again. The work I'm doing is directly helping people and they're genuinely grateful for it.

I hate to have to say it, but toward the end of my time with CFR, my work had become less than challenging.

This came into sharp focus for me today as I visited a site in Doncaster that was having problems. While I was looking forward to going to the mainland, inwardly I was a little worried that my hardware skills had become rusty.

I didn't actually have anything to worry about. Within about an hour I had the PCs back up and running (and it wasn't an obvious fix either). Having quite a few hours to kill before my return flight, I resolved a number of other niggles the site staff were having and provided them with a bit of advice on other aspects of their network.

As for the new company (who shall remain nameless), they're a joy to work for. Encouraging, informal and friendly. And global. Being part of a global IT team is great fun and great experience. Maybe it's the manufacturing environment, but what I do seems to make a difference – you can actually see it.

Being presented with a spanking new laptop and mobile phone on the first day didn't hurt either, let me tell you. And I've cut down on the web design work at home for the moment to focus on blogging, which is going quite well. I think my writing output is improving in leaps and bounds.

So, the title of the post was meant to reflect what I was doing today. But it also reflects how I'm feeling…

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