Neglecting My Blog

I noticed that the last entry on this blog was in March. A long time ago in blogging terms!

The last couple of months have been frighteningly busy, with web design work coming in to the point where I'm turning work away. I'm also having a bit of a blast with the music blog.

At first, I was going to cover mostly mainstream pop and rock acts, but after digging around social music sites like Virb, PureVolume and MySpace, I decided I might like to become champion of the unsigned! Well, maybe not champion, but I discovered some acts of a quality that should be in the charts, but somehow have been overlooked.

So, I've spend some time getting in touch with bands and artists that I liked and reviewing them for the site. In an ideal world, this type of blogging will draw attention to Unreality Music and hopefully make it an invaluable resource in the unsigned talent niche!

On that note, three artists I'd recommend to you (if you're of a rock/metal persuasion) are Throw The Fight, Silversun Pickups and Stuart Revnell . I did a short email interview with Stuart – a helluva nice guy and a talented singer/songwriter/producer.

Final note: I really like Drupal as a content platform,I'd love more time to get familiar with it and customize the theme to my liking. I did a wireframe a while back that I'd love to implement. Oh to have the time.

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