Back In Blue

Wow. Drupal 5. Launched today, installed this evening. I’ve got to say, this platform raises the bar for me. Drupal always seemed to go to great lengths to be user unfriendly. However, with this release, they’ve tidied up the back end, explaining what most of the functions are, which is brilliant. They’ve also got a darned sexy new theme which you can colour customise with a neat little colour picker and which then regenerates the CSS and graphics files on the fly. Plus, you can choose different themes for front and backend, which means that you can visually distinguish the public and private parts of the site. Very useful. I’m itching to give Drupal a good thrashing in the wild and am resolved to use it for my next great website idea (choose from a long, long list!). I definitely want to see how this platform ticks, both as a blog system, CMS, forum and whatever else it does!

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