The UK’s Biggest Reality TV Blog!

Late last August, totally on a whim, Lisa and I threw together a reality tv blog called Unreality TV. I did a quick WordPress theme and some cartoon-type illustrations and we were live within a couple of days.

From September onward, Lisa spent her evenings blogging about the 2005 series of X-Factor. I approached the site as an experiment in Search Engine Optimisation, dividing up categories and giving pointers on how to make best uses of keywords in each post.

From these inauspicious beginnings, we continued to put on new posts diligently and keep the site up-to-date.

Now, almost a year later, it’s high season for reality tv shows in the UK: Big Brother is in full swing and Love Island has just started. Unreality TV has taken something in the region of 114,000 hits in June and at this mid-point in July, we’ve had 64,000 visitors. Traffic has been building month upon month and we’ve just opened the doors on our long-awaited reality tv forum.

We’re interested in taking Unreality TV to greater heights. Two things we want in the immediate future:

  1. Sponsors/Advertisers: We’d like the site to be earning a decent living so that we can concentrate on creating better content and forging better links with the reality tv industry. To that end, we may have to kill Google AdSense in favour of direct advertising.
  2. More visitors: We’ll be focussing on getting Unreality TV more visible and encouraging participation. The forum is in it’s early stages right now, but I’ve already started using it to point out other great reality TV writing on the web.

This part of things is definitely outside of the old comfort zone: getting this amount of hits so far has been amazing, but pushing it further is new territory for us. It’ll be exciting to see how things progress!

One thought on “The UK’s Biggest Reality TV Blog!

  1. The first people I’d try would be the Carphone Warehouse and for “Love Island” if David Hull still manages Paddy Kealty the Karaoke Kid try and annoy him.Don’t annoy David annoy Paddy, he annoys enough of us 😉

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