Bozpages: One Page RSS Reader

Bozpages aren’t unique. A webpage that displays a list of recent posts in RSS feeds? Why not use Netvibes? Or the Google Personalised Homepage?

Well, the Google IG page is as ugly as hell, for a start! Personally, I swear by Netvibes, because it gives me my Flickr galleries, my bookmarks and my gmail as well as the ability to add RSS feeds.

So, why use Bozpages?

There’s no reason at all, really. Technorati have just launched their favourites service which does pretty much the same thing – a river of posts syphoned off your favourite blogs. (Mine’s here)

Having said that, I love the design of Bozpages. Good whitespace. The page isn’t too cramped, and the title elements use some fresh colours.

I’ve been using it for a couple of days as a portal for some of my own blogs and sites I look after. It’s definitely a nice interface, although it needs some work on the usability front, as it’s severely lacking in on-screen documentation! You need to visit the Bozpages Wiki for more information. My Bozpage is here.

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